Who is Pierre Bellanger?



Pierre Bellanger is the founder and CEO of the Skyrock group. With more than 3.5 million daily listeners, Skyrock is the second radio in France for the 13-49 years old demo. On its Internet and mobile network sites, services and applications, Skyrock welcomes more than one million daily visitors. Pioneer of free radio broadcasting against state monopoly in the late seventies, Pierre Bellanger has developed several successful businesses in radio, television and online services. He is an entrepreneur and expert of the Internet. His first Internet service company was founded in 1994, in participation with France Telecom. Today, skyrock.com is the first French social network of blogs and the first French-speaking social network in the world. Mobile applications of the group have been downloaded over 5 million times. Since twenty years, Pierre Bellanger has published about media and computer networks. His latest book, The digital sovereignty, was published this year by Stock editions. Pierre Bellanger is at the origin of the adoption in France of « Alerte-Enlevement », the French equivalent of the US « Amber Alert ».