MOBEN FACT is a cultural research and innovation enterprise that develops,  supports and enhances the work of its founder Maurice Benayoun, aka Moben.  As a digital pioneer, Maurice Benayoun has, for the last 20 years, been at the  forefront of media practice, designing and developing innovative works in the  fields of art, technology, media and culture.

MOBEN FACT’s portfolio of work under Benayoun’s directorship has included collaborative research projects in areas such as: the treatment of cultural data  (eGonomy), urban navigation (Kitsun), and behavioral design (Softchair), while  Benayoun’s artistic work has also focused on these same themes. His series of  artworks, Mechanics of Emotions uses data from the Net to provide a critical and  poetic vision of the world.

Today, MoBen Fact is proud to present at the Forum d’Avignon@Paris the result of the collaborative project eGonomy, the motor of suggestion that revolutionize research in picture data bases and offers to the user a totally intuitive browsing, only guided by his own personal tastes, without  any textual request. eGonomy reinvents cultural access thanks to an immersive  and playful interface  which enables everybody to discover and seize the greatest works of any era.