Dirti for iPad : World’s first tapioca interface ! Thanks to this funny device, the user swishes and swirls simple tapioca pearls to create playful sounds and images on an iPad screen. The interface creates a magical and fun relationship between the young user and the device. Often associated with tablets, the notion of “tactile” is now used in its literal sense. But DIRTI isn’t just a way to get hands dirty! It’s more than anything a new perspective on human-computer interactions and data manipulation. A project of Mathiew Marino, presented by USER STUDIO.

Lunii. Interactive storyteller! Lunii is a modern narrator of imaginative tales. This story maker for children from four to eight years old offers a new usage experience by inspiring from the tale oral tradition. Lunii is a toy made of wood, with a simple design. It comes with a tangible, simplified and intuitive interface. A project of Maelle Chassard presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN.

The Tree of Thot. The World is my school! The Tree of Thot is an augmented reality system. Its aim is to transform the way we learn, the way we open to the world we live in, by favoring self-education, curiosity, collaborative work, confrontation, trial and project creation thanks to new technologies. A project of Cyril ZHAO Moulay presented  by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN.

Realize. When a reading comes to life! Realize is a white book associated with a reading desk, which enriches the text of a book by projecting images, animations, sounds and scents. Thanks to an eye-tracking system, Realize knows which sentence the user is reading. With projectors, loudspeakers and fragrance diffusers, the device reveals multimedia elements on the book in sync with the reading. A project of  Nicolas Morand presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN.