Artisanum : The “Do It Yourself” device. It has been designed to interact with the VJing device called «Orchestre Documentaire Numérique»  translated to « Digitaly Orchestrated Documentary ». Artisanum offers new ways of interacting with mutlimedia arts and crafts practices and manipulating video via these interactive crafted objects. Furthermore, this innovative device is userfriendly inviting different generations, cultures and professions to intervene on a common project through their own crafts.  Presented by SIRIUS PRODUCTIONS, member of Cap Digital.

CLIP  CLIP is an augmented note taking student platform. The platform analyzes the notes and synchronizes them so that they can enrich one another. A project of Nancy Boehm, Alexandre Lejeune, Rémi Rivas, Franck Dupont and Quentin Muczynski  presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN in partnership with  the ESILV.

D4D (Data For Development challenge) : Data For Development (D4D) is an open innovation challenge of massive data crossing (Orange anonymous data and external data) aiming for social development. D4D rewards both projects involved in improving living conditions for the local people and the most innovative approaches in analyzing big data. After Côte d’Ivoire in 2013, D4D will take place in Senegal this year.A project of Nicolas De Cordes,  presented by ORANGE.

In-image advertising by InsidePic. InsidePic is an innovative web platform which specializes in transforming still images into interactive media for advertising purposes. It is  a dynamic way of assisting advertisers and publishers to maximize their access to customers through an interactive in-image advertising. A project of Laurent Feval presented by INSIDEPIC.  

SOURCE :. A device, a social network and a place at the same time, SOURCE takes the time to replace the press inside the urban landscape, allowing everyone to produce quality participative articles. Located in an agora, SOURCE works as an information fountain, where there used to be a water supply. A project of Pierre Berthelot-Kleck presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN.

Unli DIY : The UNLI DIY application gives the chance to generate ideas for public spaces and share them with other residents. Free and easy to use, it will structure the collective imagination in order to make the citizen view real and tangible for pros and city governments. Presented by UFO, member of Cap Digital.

Unlimited Cities PRO. Unlimited Cities Pro is a tool of empowerment: it eases the development of a territory based on its own potential, in particular its population's creativity and diversity, to combine with the territorial knowledge of the elected officials.  Presented by UFO, member of Cap Digital.