L’App’ is a new functionality for forecasting the availability of Velibs in Paris that  shows the great potential of data sharing. The App that has been developed and shown recently, raises two important questions: how to improve such tool to avoid breaching the privacy and freedom of its users? How to develop a data culture, a communication culture and how to use such information for probability and statistical research? A project of  Frank Rimek presented by EY.

Cadavre Exquis Urbain : The city is a stories maker ! Cadavre Exquis Urbain is a 2.0 app allowing people to build tales from geolocalised Street Art masterpieces, and then to share them with metro users whose underground trip passes below these masterpieces. A project of Ryslaine Moulay, Nathalie Signoret, Romain Friot and Louise Micolon presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN, in partnership with the Chaire Modélisation des Imaginaires (Telecom ParisTech-Rennes 2).  

Cinégraphe : Visualizing in live the digital activity of cinemas worldwide is now possible thanks to Cinegraph, a project using Facebook data of cinephiles (check in and like for their favorite cinemas). A project of Catherine Ramus, presented by ORANGE.

Citytelling : Digital device for the storytelling of territories. Citytelling provides a new way for the discovery and the appropriation of tangible and intangible heritage via a sensitive and collaborative cartography, an experiential mobile device for heritage mediation and a mobile application for enriched guided walks. A project of Julien Boruillard, presented by DEDALE, member of Cap Digital. is a project of urban visualization which enables users to interrogate datasets around journey time between metro stations, at any hour of the day, as well as the number of people touching in at each station. We wanted to liven up the traditional maps of the Parisian underground system, in a way that better matches the reality of commuting, through data. Presented by DATAVEYES.

Inhabitants of Rennes Metropolis, who are we? This project is a data-driven snapshot of the population of Rennes Metropolis. Open data allows citizens to learn about themselves: this visualization shows who the people are with a profile similar to yours in the metropolitan area. Rennes Metropolis inhabitants are portrayed by coloured dots, which automatically shift and recombine, as they tell a new story. Presented by DATAVEYES.

Play & Connect. With its digital totems Play, the out-of-home communication becomes dynamic and interactive, connected to data flows. With Connect, which is the OOH’s first mobile interactive platform launched in 2014, brands and local authorities can interact with their targeted audience and enhance the whole consumer experience through smartphones. . Presented by CLEAR CHANNEL.