Eyevision : Just a matter of point of view! Eyevision is an optical system allowing people to change their point of view. With Eyevision, it is possible to “slip into the body” of someone else and to view things from his/her perspective. As we change our point of view, new experiences are possible. A project of  Michael Harbouin, Akky Reddy et Chan Lee, presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGNin partnership with Alcatel Lucent Bell  Labs.

GIA (Augmented identities generator) To be happy, let’s live traced! Tomorrow, Google Glasses will allow anyone to get information on you just by looking at you. GIA was born from a questioning on the dichotomy between digital traces and privacy, in the BIG Data era. In this context, how can we take on various identities at the same time? A project of  Rislaine Moulay, presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN. 

SonaR  is a new way  to  materialize  the mobile network. Through the “sonification” of its antenas’ activity, SonaR uses its extremely sensitive perception of the human activity to give an original restitution of the telecom network’s “beauty” . Our mobile activity makes it alive ! A project of Catherine Ramus, presented by ORANGE.

TotM : Digital tattoo and personal data. In 2050, TotM is a digital tattoo allowing our skin to become our digital representation support. By materializing our personal digital data in a tangible “we digital”, TotM allows us to read into our data and therefore to read into our life. A project of Claire Paoletti and Cyril Zhao Moulay, presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN, in partnership with Orange. 

Transcendenz : Transcendenz is an augmented reality  (AR) system that allows the World to give philosophy lessons to the user. Ai, Eye-tracking, BCI, AR: technologies are here to analyze scenes of life and to produce magical situations for philosophical learning. A project of Michael Harbouin, presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN.