Bee Music is an innovated project of R&D selected by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the DGCIS department. The aim is to improve the official musical database (BIPP) composed of digital and physical musical references saleable in France. This musical database is owned by the French musical syndicate “SNEP” with the collaboration of “UPFI”.Kantar and its technical partners will give and guarantee all qualities required to validate this database for the French musical industry. Presented  by KANTAR MEDIA, member of Cap Digital.

Blitzr It is a free, universal and metadata-driven music platform that allows music lovers to take advantage of the web in a whole other way. Blitzr is now in open beta. A project of Bertrand Sébenne presented  by  BLITZR, member of Cap Digital.

Musical Jacket : Musical Jacket is a jacket equipped with movement sensors. It allows the production of a melody without any wrong note. It allows us to move, without any complex, while having fun and setting the mood around us. It is about giving everyone the power to express free movement. A project of Alice Geiger, Estelle Olivier and Thibault Gardet presented by STRATE ECOLE DE DESIGN, in partnership  with the  Web School Factory.