eGonomy : A maieutic engine.  eGonomy is revolutionizing advice in big picture bases. Thanks to the search by picture and the behavioural analysis, it enables you to discover and explore, driven by your own leaning, pictures by which you are attracted and motivated. By MOBEN FACT, in partenserhip the Réunion des Musées Nationaux RMN-GP, the IRI-Centre Pompidou, Pertimm, Tecdev, the CEA-LIST, the LUTIN, the LIRIS.

The Invisible Museum : Escorted by your smartphone, in augmented reality, come and see  the 3D works gathered another time inside the Disappeared Museum of the Historical Monuments by Alexandre Lenoir. This project is possible thanks to Culture 3D Cloud, which is the platform specialized in cloud computing for digitalization and preservation of historical heritage. By CUTURE 3D CLOUD, member of Cap Digital, in partnership  with Réciproque, the  CNRS-MAPthe INHA, the  Musée du Louvre, the Réunion des Musées Nationaux and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

The Reward – Tales of Alethrion. Danish transmedia project for young-adults  based around an animated web-series, without dialogue. The story is expanded on comic book, video game, merchandise and they keep their strong relationship with their fans on their different social platforms. By FLAMEFY, member of CAP DIGITAL.

Empreinte de mouvement. Conceived by researchers and designers of Orange, this project renews the approach of the geo-localization and creates a new imagination of the city. The imprints of movement materialize daily trips under the shape of a unique and poetic landscape, through three-dimensional mappings. A project of Catherine Ramus, presented by ORANGE.