User Studio is a boutique innovation agency based in Paris.

Its designers and creative technologists design products and services for various sectors, from connected products, to online banking or sustainable energy consumption. User Studio carries its vision of a delightful future, in which products and services are smart, appealing, and offer amazing experiences to their users.

This is the vision User Studio will put forward at the Forum d’Avignon@Paris. In order to explore the future of data, User Studio invents interfaces which could simplify data use. Such interfaces were first created when Apple generalized the use of the mouse and made computers more maneuverable. Years later, Apple would once again offer a new intuitive interface : the world wildly adopted iPad and iPhone touch screens.

But shouldn’t we go further? Thanks to DIRTI, User Studio foresees a future in which human-computer interactions could be as natural as a child playing in the sand… This controller enables an intuitive and sensitive handling of visual and sound data. This way, data is getting closer to human beings.