UFO is « collaborative urbanism » start-up funded by architects in 2009. Collaborativ urbanism is a set of methods and digital tools rising collective intelligence concerning urban projects. According to UFO, a sustainable and collaborativ world should be using creativ methods taking into account digital and ecological changes, which is not the case nowadays. So UFO developed a first digital tool, Unlimited Cities, for more inclusive urban projects, which has been tested in Rennes and runned in Montpellier and Evreux. UFO is now hard at work on a free digital tool untitled UnliDIY, whose role is to help citizens getting involved in giving ideas and organising the changes of public space.

We truly believe that digital change is a real opportunity to involve people in urban challenges and therefore produce more sustainable and creative city, with strong territorial identity. For that reason we are glad to be here, in Forum d'Avignon @ Paris, premier forum culturel 100 % DATA.