FlameFy is a web and mobile interactive, personalized storytelling solution enabling authors, artists and brands to produce and distribute transmedia experiences in a really disruptive way.

The platform allows authors to use any web services, digital contents (web site, videos, connected objects, social networks, sound, applications, etc.), then analyze in real time audience feedbacks and behaviors and finally generate a different program, tailor made, on the fly, to anyone.

Boosted by game engines and powerful big data technologies, FlameFy is a platform creating a measurable and lasting engagement between authors/artists/producers and their audience. It is then very easy to build a solid fan base, key element for program’s notoriety and monetization.

The Forum d’Avignon and its audience represent to us the perfect match with our mission of ‘modern user experience’ producers and broadcasters and our usage of big data technologies as key decipher tools to understand and enrich social and cultural trends of our century.