A European agency dedicated to culture, technologies and social innovation, Dédale initiates a process of supporting urban projets and territorial development valuing the tangible and intangible heritage, in the frame of SmartCity, its laboratory for urban innovation.

Dédale has developed Citytelling, an editorialisation kit of the territory based on the SmartMap, a sensitive and collaborative cartography, Urban Explore, a mobile application for enriched guided walks and Heritage Experience, an experiential mobile device for Heritage mediation. Citytelling relies on tool for the management, indexation and editorial treatment of territorial multimedia contents (audiovisual archives, artistic productions, documentary resources, inhabitants and experts interviews…).

Intended for urban and heritage actors, Citytelling is designed to facilitate heritage mediation and city education, supporting territorial development by fostering the emergence of a creative urban planning and by integrating inhabitants in the co-conception of a knowledge base of their territory.