Highlight your heritage site using a smartgame :   urban, digital and interactive games

With XiLabs, the digital data of the Smartcity transforms your city into a giant game space

XiLabs is a 2007 Paris based startup producing SmartGames.  SmartGames add a playful dimension to your everyday life and transform your city, for a limited time, into a magic and surprising place.

SmartGames are based on the interaction of the player with his physical surroundings. Guided by his smartphone, the player explores the space the client whishes to highlight. The player’s immersion is the more interesting the more the game universe corresponds to the reality surrounding him – narration wise, graphically and in gameplay. By integrating the client’s POI (points of interest) into the game, as well as his proper story to tell, XiLabs offers to the player an unforgettable and innovative experience.

XiLabs games are played outdoors using smartphones and other portable devices. Game types are géolocalised games and augmented reality games.