At InsidePic we understand that images are the most engaging and widely shared media content on the internet with around 3000 billion images available online.

InsidePic is an innovative web platform which specialized in marketing and distribution of sponsored content in images.

InsidePic uses a variety of modern techniques which allows  to add different types of tags for relevant targeted advertisements related to the contents of the image.

This is achieved by way of providing cutting edge in-image advertising formats to help publishers draw attention to each individual product on the image and thereby allow advertisers to promote their products through pictures.

This platform allows for a new and dynamic way for advertisers to tell their brand stories through pictures and enables publishers to provide a first class and interactive customer experience on their website.

Our participation at the first cultural forum 100% data is an important issue for the future of InsidePic because we exploit data to be able to deliver the good message at the right moment and for the right profile.