Making the world simpler, fairer, more beautiful: here is the project of Strate, School of Design. Small or big, private or public, personal or professional, every life situation deserves simplicity, accuracy and harmony.

In the 21st century, this is the designers’ mission to bring back meaning and link, allowing a dialogue between disciplines, unifying techniques and markets, bringing together business units, requiring that individual talents express in depth and with sensitivity for collective success.

So, living a beautiful life. And, inevitably having access to culture by thinking, creating, sharing.

For the Forum d’Avignon@Paris, Strate proposes remarkable students projects that address the issues linked to culture and living together. Diploma projects, or projects developed with partners like Orange, Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs, l’IRI, le Cube, WebSchoolFactory and HETIC, they illustrate how young designers seize upon human issues and how they highlight them with creativity, enthusiasm and generosity. How they build tomorrow.