Documents - study Bain & Co 2009

The new territories of creation or the new creative territories: the role of innovation

Unesco and cultural diversity

Convention for the protection and promotion of cultural diversity: Link

Public agents and cultural development

Report by Xavier Greffe: the mobilisation of cultural assets in France (including a speech by Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres): Link
Cultural development: a goal that must be achieved through the launch of debates between the different sectorial actors: Link
« Forum d’Avignon »: where culture, economics, and politics meet. 
The interventions of Christine Albanel, French minister of culture and communication during the first edition of the forum:  Link 
2009: European year of creativity and innovation: Link 
Reports from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication  : 
The quality of employment in artistic and cultural fields ; 
Cultural spending of local collectivities in 2006 ; 
The eradication of entrance fees in museums and monuments in France: Link
Interview of Ignasi Guardans: European deputy and President of the ICAA (Spanish Institute of Cinematography of Audiovisual Arts): Link 
Website of the French Department of Culture: Link

Cultural development and its measure

          - Statistical portrait of the European Union 2008 - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue: Link
          - Cultural statistics: Link
          - HICP (Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices) - leisure and culture: Link
          - Research and Development Gross Domestic Spending for Research by source of financing: Link
          - Eurobaometer Survey: European participation in cultural activities: Link 
Blog of John Thackara: writer, research director, and international speaker: Link 01 - Link 02 
The Kaos Pilots: Link 01 - Link 02
Kevin Kelly: american editor and digital culture specialist: Link 01 - Link 02 - Link 03 - Link 04 
Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize of Economics: Link 
MediaLab – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Link