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The theme for 2012 - ‘Culture: reasons to hope’

Responding to the ambient pessimism, the Forum d’Avignon opposes the fruitful links between culture, economy and society and the reasons to hope. The fifth edition links together the role of imagination, social cohesion and transmission considering the current perception of an acceleration of time. New tracks of reflection open up on the fabric of culture and tomorrow’s jobs, highlighting exemplary initiatives, cultural practices and federative local dynamics.


Each year in November, the think tank of the Forum d’Avignon organizes the international meetings of culture, economy  and media, offers reflection tracks, highlights innovating projects, ideas and realizations from all continents. Mixing ideas and distinct approaches, the international Forum d’Avignon is a place of concrete propositions, bringing together more than 450 public and private decision-makers, artists and members of the civil society of 40 countries.

-          The video conference with Nicolas Seydoux, President of the Forum d’Avignon, Hervé Digne and Axel Ganz, Vice-presidents et Laure Kaltenbach, Managing Director – Watch online  

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CULTURE IS FUTURE – the last articles

Culture, financing, economic models

INA - mémoire des français


Of all the literary genres, the comics strips bounces off the digital. Thanks to, in particular the proliferation of platforms dedicated and to the dynamism of social networks of artists, publishers and readers…


Culture, innovation and digital

INA - mémoire des français

16.07.2012  Interview of Laure Kaltenbach, by

«  Culture must be considered as an investment, not a cost ! » On March 08 and 09 the Forum d’Avignon organized in partnership with ECCE, the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr in Essen, Germany – former European Capital of Culture.



Culture and attractivity of territories

INA - mémoire des français


A bright red rectangle stands out on the walls of a building blackened by fire. This is a photograph by George Rousse. At first glance …



Web Review

INA - mémoire des français

 13.07.2012 Memory and transmission

Our web review explores the theme of memory and transmission with the initiative of conservation of, a very futurist project about PARIS and a publication of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism on the importance of documentaries.




28.06.2012 Copyright

Ernst & Young made for the Forum d’Avignon an international comparison of the intellectual property in the countries of the G20. Law enforcement, pedagogy and alliances, support for authors and protection of investments, development of innovation and technical issues are detailed. 

EXCLUSIVE : The studies of 2012 -

Each year, the Forum d’Avignon publishes new and exclusive studies worked out in partnership with international consulting firms. For more than five months, the themes are examined by working groups, where economists, managers, sociologists, public actors, artists called upon their services to go in depth into the topics and throw light on the perspectives.



« 7 years of reflection - Imagination and passing on : creators of value(s) ?” with Bain & Company

Ins and outs. For four years, have the prospective studies of the Forum on the media and culture ecosystem been holding their promises in terms of creation of ‘expected’ values (usage, economic, patrimonial, … and cultural) ? The study offers answers through three perspectives: consumers (with a survey carried out among 7000 people in 8 countries); exemplary case studies and a prospective exercise of value(s) modelling by 2016.


« The factory of innovation in the field of cultural and creative industries », with Kurt Salmon

It is within the framework of the – collective or virtual - workshop that creative imagination is shaped. Through the current anthropological and technical changes, has the “factory of creativity” evolved ? With the predominance of aggregators and mediators, are innovative practices still at the heart of creative industries ? How do the trainings and professions incorporate these changes of paradigms to generate creative people ? Can we “make” new creative methods so that productive economy and social patterns benefit from them ?


« Which tempo for cultural content ? », with Ernst & Young

The perception of an acceleration of time is tangible, both through technologies and rhythm(s) of production and distribution of the cultural goods and services. How can we measure its impact on the cultural and creative industries’ ecosystem and draw perspectives on what they “pass on” ? To answer this question, the study polled the consumers and analyzed the economic models of 11 countries including India, China, Brazil, the USA and France. And ventures to show us the future.


« What culture and which ‘contents’ do digital generations receive, create and pass on ? », with L’Atelier Bnp Paribas 

… or how do digital natives, Y and Z generations (15-25 years old) integrate the digital into their cultural usage and “consumption”? Analysis from the results of two exclusive surveys – one lead by GFK in five countries (France, Germany, India, Korea, USA), and the other one by the Forum among young people and the network of partner universities.


« The reasons to hope thanks to creative imagination », with Louvre Alliance

With interviews of key actors form the worlds of culture, economy and media, this study suggests to identify, characterize and discern deposits and constraints, creators and peculiar experiences where reasons to hope curl up thanks to culture and creative imagination. A survey is also lead by the team of the Forum with a hundred of international important people (artists, directors, musicians, architects, chefs, CEOs, administrators …) on the theme “the reasons to hope”. Their reasons to hope will be published of the Forum website.


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