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With the intention of preparing the discussions, the newsletter of the Forum d’Avignon presents interviews of specialists and experts of the themes tackled during the Forum. Before the debates, discover the last news and the firsts elements of the exclusive studies carried out by the international consulting firms, partners of the Forum d’Avignon.

Consult April the 14th of 2014's Newsletter
Theme: Review of the Forum de Chaillot 2014

Consult March the 20th of 2014's Newsletter
Theme: Forum d'Avignon-Bilbao 2014, The Catalyse network makes a call for a Europe of culture

Consult March the 5th of 2014's Newsletter
Theme: Invitation for the Forum de Chaillot 2014

Consult February the 12th of 2014's Newsletter
Theme: Forum d'Avignon Biblao 2014

Consult December the 24th of 2013's Newsletter
Theme: Wishes 2014

Consult November the 19th of 2013's Newsletter
Theme: Special Program 2013

Consult November the 15th of 2013's Newsletter
Theme: The 2013 International Survey

Consult November the 6th of 2013's Newsletter
Theme: Sharing, calling out, acting. The exclusive studies of the Forum of Avignon will be on-line in preview on November 19th

Consult October the 15th of 2013's Newsletter
Theme : CATALYSE – Research & Action Week in Essen

Consult September the 13th of 2013's Newsletter
Theme :"Myth or reality? How can the media and the cultural industries take advantage of Big Data?"»

Consult October the 15th of 2012's Newsletter
Theme: Exclusively, the Ernst & Young study "Orchestrating the time of the creators, the consumers and the industry"

Consult October the 3rd of 2012's Newsletter
Theme: "Creativity in the financing models of culture", discover the first proposal of the Forum d'Avignon

Consult September 2012's Newsletter
Theme: Exclusively, the Bain study "The seven year itch" - Imagination and transmission: creating value(s)?

Consult July 2012's Newsletter
Theme: Exclusive, the themes of the 2012 edition!

Consult March 2012's Newsletter
Theme: Forum d'Avignon Ruhr and cultural attractiveness of territories

Consult the 1st November 2011's Newsletter
Theme: Intellectual property : Artists' voice
Interviews: Paul Andreu, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Nabil Ayouch, Philippe Claudel, Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne, Wim Delvoye, Laurence Equilbey, Jochen Gerz, Jul, Radu Mihaileanu, Christopher Miles, Christine Orban, ORLAN, Jean-Marie Perier, Plantu, Marjane Satrapi, Kjetil Tredal Thorsen, Barthélémy Toguo, Totonho, Natacha Wolinski.

Consult the 25th October 2011's Newsletter
Theme: Cultural contents powered by connected devices
Interviews: Patrick Béhar (Partner Bain & Cie) and Eric Scherer (Director of Future Media, Digital strategy and Connected TV, France Televisions).

Consult the October 2011's Newsletter
Theme: Who references and who – really – prescribes cultural contents on the Internet ?
Interviews: Andrew Cecil (Director Public Policy, Amazon UE), Mathieu Gallet (CEO of INA), Thomas Guignard (Media and local market Manager of Google France), David Lacombled (Director of content strategy, Orange) et Patrick Zelnik (CEO Naïve).

Consult the 20th September 2011's Newsletter
Theme: Intellectual Property, a universal value
Interviews: Françoise Benhamou (professor, economist), Lorena Boix Alonso (Deputy Head of Cabinet of Neelie Kroes), Olivier Bomsel (economist), Nicolas Dussart (Deputy Director General, Théâtre Marigny), Laurence Franceschini (Managing Direcotr of the DGMIC, Ministery of Culture and Communicaton), Pierre-Yves Gautier (professeur de droit), ), Bernard Miyet (Président de la SACEM), Thaima Samman (lawyer),

Consult the September 2011's Newsletter
Theme: Commiting and investing in culture: from intuition to decision
Interviews: Daniel et Florence Guerlain (Fondation Daniel et Florence Guerlain), Barthélémy Toguo (artist), Stéphane Mathelin-Moreau (Director Neuflize OBC), Kjetil Tredal Thorsen (architect), David Throsby (economist) …

Consult the July 2011's Newsletter
Theme: referencing and prescription of cultural contents on the Internet
Interviews: Mats Carduner (President of fifty-five), Annina Svensonn (Country Manager France, Spotify), Marc Tessier (President, Vidéo Futur Entertainment Group).

Consult the June 2011's Newsletter

2010 newsletters:

Consult the July 2010's Newsletter
With interviews of Christian de Boissieu, Mathilde Maurel, and Xavier Greffe.

Consult the September 2010's Newsletter
With interviews of Allen J. Scott, Alain Seban, and Richard Florida.

Consult the October 2010's Newsletter
With interviews of Françoise Benhamou and Georges Sanerot.

Consult the November 2010's Newsletter

Consult the November 2010's Newsletter

Consult the December 2010's Newsletter