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Mango : a partnership between Ubisoft and The French government to boost The French video-games

Propped up by Ubisoft and Fleur Pellerin the minister of innovation and digital technologies, Mango project seeking to develop a new generation of video-games in a competitive market. What can Mango change ? 

A new crisis for 2014 ?

The year 2014 might probably be a watershed in the video games sector with the arrival on the market of a new generation of the video game consoles the numerous technological innovations belong to the history of the sector and represent one of its particularities. Thus, the video game must continuously update its mechanisms of development and the human skills linked to it. The issue is that those innovations are close in time. Indeed, in 40 years, we came from a trembling oscilloscope to prototype of video game guided by our minds. Then we should wonder : who will be able to develop those video games on these new consoles in 2014 ? And for which price ? We already assisted to a video game crisis in 2003 caused by the expensive development of the video games production. Several edition or developing studio houses did not survive, unable to overcome the change. Is this new innovation felt as a new danger for French studios ?

The marketplace moving fast

In five years, the new actors could change the facts. Ireland, Singapore, India are well prepared and go into this close sector thanks to dynamic policies who support installations video-games societies on their territories. France has a creative potential but to develop and to sell a video-game in France is more expansive than in other country. Mango project is a true opportunity for the French video-game to develop itself in the international and to become a leader in this growing market.

In the best of the case, the project is a success and France becomes a precursor thanks to a new motor for a new video-games generation.


Laurine Gandubert