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July 11-12, 2014, during the Festival d’Avignon

The Forum d’Avignon co-organizes Les Ateliers de la Cité which will place during the Festival d’Avignon 2014 around the topic « Creative cities, a project of society ». Debates will be driven with the partnership of Technocité, Mons 2015 European capital of Culture,  Relais Culture Europe and the National Theatre of Brussels.



The Forum d’Avignon goes on with the reflection led since 2008 around the “creative cities” as a driven force of economic, social and cultural development.

In line with the studies carried out by the think-tank of the Forum d’Avignon on territorial attractiveness and social cohesion, and the debates organized at Bilbao on March 2014 around the topic “the city as a cultural ecosystem”, the aim of such an event is to question creative cities about the employment and social cohesion. To which extent do they generate innovation and jobs? How does the cultural investment can make a new generation of entrepreneurs appear? The “creative city” will also be debated though different scales, from the local to the global, and the issue of social and cultural diversity.  Can a creative territory without diversity exist? What kind of diversity do we need in a globalized Europe?

Organized by : The  Festival d’Avignon – Villes en Scènes / Cities on Stage – le Forum d’Avignon – TechnocitéMons 2015 –  le Théâtre National de Bruxelles

With the support of : the University of Avignon, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Avignon, the Circle of the Festival d’Avignon partners

Ateliers de la Cité – Festival d’Avignon – 11th and 12th of July

Friday 11th of July

11am-12am: Bernardo Carvalho, Brazilian author on France Culture in live, at the Ateliers de la pensée

3pm-6pm: Reflection sessions

  • Session 1: how can cultural investment make a new generation of entrepreneurs arise? A new methodology of cultural entrepreneurship
  • Session 2: Identity and diversity for which kind of urban space? How to make diversity strength for creativity and social innovation?

Saturday 12th of July

10am-1pm: Reflection sessions

  • Session 3: Do creative cities create employment?
  • Session 4: Which is the best urban granularity level to favor creativity?

3pm-4.30pm: Public debate at the Ateliers de la pensée – Louis Pasteur site at the University of Avignon. With Olivier Py, Director of the Festival d’Avignon.

Restitution of the debates’ conclusions (Video in French)

For more information and to book : please contact the Festival d’Avignon : +33 (0)4 90 27 66 36 or at

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-        LES METIERS DE LA CULTURE (to be released in June 2014)

-        CREATIVE CITIES (to be released in July 2014)