The Forum d’Avignon

The Forum d’Avignon aims at strengthening the links between culture and the economy, suggesting subjects for reflection at global, European and local levels. The Forum d’Avignon was created after the ratification of the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity, and since its beginning, has been backed by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Each year the Forum organizes, with its partners, international meetings which provide opportunities for unique discussions and exchanges between actors from the worlds of culture, the creative industries, the economy and the media. 

A think tank dedicated to culture

Each year the Forumd’Avignon publishes new studies highlighting the essential links between culture and the economy, on themes suggested by its Advisory Board. Throughout the year these themes are examined and proposals put forward by working groups that are organized by the Forum d’Avignon with experts, international consulting firms and its public and private partners. The Forum’s think tank tackles subjects such as culture, financing and economic models; culture and attractiveness of the territories; culture and digital ; culture and innovation. For its third edition in 2010, six publications have been produced for the Forum d’Avignon, following the three studies presented in 2009.

The international meetings of culture, the economy and the media

An international and cross-sectoral event associating debates and performances by artists, the Forum d’Avignon is a field for reflection in which the economic dimension of culture and the roles of social cohesion and job creation in cultural areas are being, explored. The Forum d’Avignon is where concrete proposals, unique networking opportunities, heritage and innovations discoveries are brought together. The directions explored each year are disseminated among national and international authorities. Over 400 committed people come together: artists, chairmen,writers, professors, filmdirectors, philosophers, students from international universities, representatives of the creative and cultural industries. The diversity of the points of view is also symbolized by the cosmopolitan diversity of the speakers, coming from all over the world.

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