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The international webography of culture, economy and the media

Launching: March, the 28th

As a think tank, the Forum d'Avignon creates a dedicate page on this website highlighting the results of an economic, cultural and technological watch, called CULTURE IS FUTURE. From a critical of cultural innovations in financing and economic models, attractiveness of the territories and digital, CULTURE IS FUTURE aims at:

- proposing to the Internet users articles related to culture and the economy
- preparing the dabates of the following edition of the Forum
- feeding the reflection of the working groups and experts gathered all year long by the Forum d'Avignon to prepare the studies and publications of the annual edition

In partnership with the universities, discover from the 28th of March, the sections and categories of CULTURE IS FUTURE :

-          Sections :

- culture, financing and economic models
- culture and attractiveness of the territories 
- culture and digital 
- culture and innovation

-          Categories :

- Did you know ?
- Always further
- Who is … ?