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Labkultur's White card : The spillover effect’s editorial white card is about spillover. The choice of articles comes from our wide array of coverage on cultural issues all over Europe. Cultural change can be done by believe in soft power. These are examples that reflect upon the power ideas can have when they are successfully interpreted.

We wanted to show what we have worked upon in the past years and offer a prelude: On June 27 and 28, 2013 Forum d’Avignon Ruhr takes place at PACT Zollverein. Just like its big brother in Avignon the conference gathers influential creative workers and decision makers to show new ways of collaborative and lateral policy guidelines. 

Spillover is the theme of this year’s Forum d’Avignon Ruhr and it has been the core, wish and ideal of our work at LABKULTUR.

We hope you enjoy our choice of best case articles on that theme and pay a great thank you to our friends from Forum d’Avignon who make this prolific exchange happen.





LABKULTUR is a European webmagazine for culture and creativity. Over 20 authors from the Ruhr area, London, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Nantes and Košice report on cities within the world of digital and social change. They study the influence that culture has on city development and analyse the production and life situations of artists and creatives. LABKULTUR understands creativity as the engine of urban future. It is a project of ecce.

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