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Labkultur's White card : Emer Beamer in interview

The Global Butterfly Effect from Amsterdam

How Butterfly Works applies the everyday digital gadgets to help developing countries playfully.

Butterfly Works is a co-creation studio based in Amsterdam and works in a field of global development with a team of 15 designers and organisers around the world. The studio was founded in 2003 by three women Emer Beamer, Ineke Aquarius and Hester Ezra to contribute the idea of reciprocity, sustainability and creativity in the world through co-creation.

Emer Beamer is Co-Founder and was - until lately - Research and Development Director of Butterfly Works, Amsterdam: "We work directly with local communities in developing countries and have two departments. Our Design & Branding team co-creates inspiring products and concepts and accesses global markets and trade networks to establish successful brands."

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