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The Lab of the Forum d'Avignon, let's stop talking about culture, let's show it !

The Lab of the Forum d'Avignon offers to discover new experiences, between culture and technology, dedicating the last innovations to culture. From a visit of the Palace of Versailles as you have never seen it offered by Orange, to the discovery of the auditorium of the future in cooperation with 3DS, or the recent cultural innovation developed by Google, the Forum d'Avignon outlines what could be the culture of the future. 

Come to the Palace of the Popes, you will discover Versailles! by Orange

With the support of Orange, "Versailles in live" proposes a new experience of the visit of the Château and the parks, thanks to a system of interactive remote visits coupled with a lecturer’s explanations. This technologic innovation opens perspectives for research, education and offers solutions to make the access to culture easier. 
Presentation by Paul-François Fournier, Executive VP Technocentre, Orange and Laurent Gaveau, Deputy director of communication, Château de Versailles.
Auditorium of the future: come to defend your color, by 3DS

Dassault Systèmes invents interactive games in 3D for public in theatres. Come to discover "A monster in Paris" and a new game, realized for the Forum d'Avignon 2011 on cult soundtracks of Eric Serra.
Presentation by Mehdi Tayoubi, Director of interactive strategy, Dassault Systèmes and Benoît Marini, Director Experience Lab, Dassault Systèmes.

Google Art Project by Amit Sood, founder of the Google Art Project 

Amit Sood, founder of the Google Art Project, will introduce his innovative project. Prior to developing this project he has held senior roles most recently in Google's Android team in mountain view, and has spent time leading Google's Marketing efforts for its GEO products in EMEA. He continues to manage the expansion of the Art Project initiative at Google and is currently based in London. Prior to joining Google, Amit has worked at Ericson, DHL and in the non-profit sector in Europe and India. He received his MBA from INSEAD and bachelor's in Commerce from Sydenham College in Mumbai.
Forum-Season 2, by Google

A bookcase for the future

As digital designers, we often think about how to translate traditional media into a virtual space. Recently, we thought about the bookcase. What would it look like if it was designed to hold digital books ? A digital interface needs to be intuitive, while simultaneously taking advantage of the lack of constraints in a virtual space. In this case, we imagined something that looks like the shelves in your living room, but is also capable of showcasing the huge number of titles available online—many more than fit on a traditional shelf. With this in mind, we will demo at the Forum d'Avignon a digital bookcase built on Chrome, that holds 3D models of more than 9,000 titles, a brand new experience !
Presentation by Steve Crossan, Director of the Cultural Institute of Google.