The Forum d’Avignon presents the debate “Culture : is there a French exception?” on June 13th during the “Journées du Havre” organized by the French magazine le Nouvel observateur. The Forum d’Avignon will welcome the former French Minister of Culture Jacques Toubon for the occasion.

  • Jaques Toubon, Former Minister

  •  Pierre Bellanger,  Skyrock radio's chairman

  • Jean-Noël Tronc, Managing director of the Sacem

  • Abd al Malik, rapper, spoken word artist, composer and french writer

Moderator : Stéphane Gilbart.

Is there still a French dream ?

Théâtre de l’Hotel de ville,

The 12, 13 and 14 of June 2014

Whereas the positive impact of culture and the creative industries on the economy are proved and no more to be discussed, culture should not be reduced to its economic contribution. On the contrary, it should be recognized for its role on national and global influence and personal fulfilment. Actions are still to be implemented so that creative sectors could be considered as creator of values, jobs and social links within public and private institutions.

The association of culture and politics produced the best and the worst, as the heritage and creation have been manipulated over the course of successive regimes. At the age of globalization, we must question the place  culture should held in politics and, at the same time,  the place politics should held in culture.

Following its engagement for culture and its actors, the think tank Forum d’Avignon is willing to promote the reforming powers culture has.

Objectives : an open debate to bring out initiatives and make concrete propositions

The Forum d’Avinon presents three objectives of mobilization during this year of European elections and great decisions that will engage us for the 10 years coming:

1. To call out to the political leaders - at the national and international scale- on the positive role of culture for the social cohesion it brings, together with sharing values and economic growth.

2. To highlight the potential of culture as an active motor of urban development, in particular though the European network CATALYSE

3. To promote a spirit of opening, a will for culture and creation, for the civil society, the businesses and the political world, beyond the crucial questions of financing models and tax systems for culture and valorisation of the cultural personal data.

More informations on the website of Le Nouvel Observateu (french)

Download the detailed program of the event (french)