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The Forum d’Avignon interviewed 25 international artists on the theme of intellectual property - Radu Mihaileanu

The Forum d’Avignon interviewed 25 international artists on the theme of intellectual property. Discover every day their answers…

Radu MIHAILEANU,  film director and writer

To which extend have technology change the way you create? 

Now all the screenwriters write on computers, using some software for writing and layout (not me). The great thing is that we "edit" by writing, changing scenes, shortening, etc., what we did before with scissors and glue. Then, we write estimates and financing plans on appropriate software, which saves us an infinite time. The same goes for work plans, budget positions, etc. More and more shootings are carried out today with digital cameras. Even if this has not exactly reached the quality of 35mm, digital provides solutions in light, filming flexibility, in terms of cost, calibration possibilities. All films are currently digitally edited; we do not cut when editing the film. It is the same regarding the sound, whether dialogue or music, with exceptional quality. Finally, more and more films are shown in digital, and reach movie theaters of the world by the Internet or by satellite. This has made savings, operational flexibility, but also dangers, threatening diversity.

How do you perceive the subsequent use of your works? 

If this is done within the framework of an authorization and payment of fees, as it is done since the dawn of times, I am in favor; any artist inspires others. New modes of distribution do not have to change the spirit of respect for intellectual property. 

In 10 years to who would you entrust the management of your rights?   

To those who will ensure the widest dissemination while respecting moral rights !!!!! A work is strong with its quality and its shortcomings; no one else but the author who signed it has the right to "improve" it, to distort it. Imagine someone trying to improve a Van Gogh, Mozart, Dostoevsky or Bergman.