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The Forum d’Avignon interviewed 25 international artists on the theme of intellectual property - Nabil Ayouch

The Forum d’Avignon interviewed 25 international artists on the theme of intellectual property. Discover every day their answers…

Nabil AYOUCH, film director

To which extend have technology change the way you create? 

They have not only made it evolve but have even completely changed it. Thanks to special effects, anything is possible today. With the democratization of filming/editing tools, anyone can become a director and make a movie. This means that a movie can be born anywhere, be created with very few resources and distributed instantly around the world through new windows offered by the Internet. More than ever, the difference won’t be on technical performance, but on the originality of the idea and how it will be dealt with it.

How do you perceive the subsequent use of your works? 

There is no way to escape it, nor any reason. Everything has been invented for so long that it would be pretentious to believe that "our" works or ideas belong to us. They are part of a new context and this is what differentiates them. But their purpose is to circulate and be recycled. 

In 10 years to who would you entrust the management of your rights?   

The respect of moral rights is essential but does not (only) impact the manager of the rights of my works. It is a question coming within the competence of public authorities and the perception that the future "consumers" of my movies will have of copyright in twenty years. Education has the very important role to play in this field.  New technologies should not engender a relationship of mistrust between creators and their public. They have to engender new behaviors, new way to comprehend the work and its relation with time.