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Interview of Laure Kaltenbach, by

On March 08 and 09 the Forum d´Avignon moves to Essen, Germany - the heart of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010. One of the foremost think tanks on culture is hosted at UNESCO World Heritage site Zeche Zollverein and Folkwang University of the Arts’ SANAA cube building. Forum d´Avignon Ruhr congregates  high ranking politicians, economists and creatives to debate on the meaning of culture in the digital age and to reflect on terms of sustainability in transforming and changing urban environments.

Questions: In spite of financial turmoil how can we do better in tying the state to its mandate for supporting culture? Is digitization the chance for the arts and the creatives to compete with economy, politics and finance on an equal footing? Once upon a time newspapers were the information channel to the people that led to opinion. What´s the impact of open journalism that evolves today? Will we all be artists and creative workers in the future because design of media technology becomes more and more user friendly? What does that mean for (transfering) cultural heritage?