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International survey by the Forum d’Avignon

“Personal data’s cultural stakes” July 2014

Considering that “personal data, especially the digital ones, collected by third parties, reflect our cultural values, our private life and our creations”, the Forum d’Avignon seeks a greater awareness on the cultural and ethical stakes of personal data’s promotion.

Unveiling our behaviors, they allow others to know, or even anticipate, our actions. They enable us to participate in the general interest with fascinating predictive capacities.

It is now time to wonder about the future of a society that lies on an exponential digital capacity to collect, associate and deduce personal data. In this regard, the think tank of the Forum d’Avignon asks you to what you refer to - and feel - while talking about ‘personal data’:

1.     Is personal data a commodity like any other one?

2.     Which status (and right) should be defined for personal data in order to find a balance between research and protection, innovation and intrusion?

3.     Will you support an initiative that would define an ethical framework to the digital man’s rights? What its first articles should be?


Thank you for answering before September 1st, 2014

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The Forum d’Avignon is a think tank, created in 2008 and dedicated to culture and its dialogue with the economic world. In order to structure the debates and to go into the study subjects in depth, it appeals to leaders from all kinds of background: artists, players of the civil society, projects managers and directors in companies, institutional and political leaders, academics and students. The objective is to produce innovative reflections and to draw up programmatic proposals for the attention of the cultural leaders as well as general public, around three main topics: Financing and Economic Model; Innovation and Digital; Cultural Attractiveness and Social Cohesion. See more:

The first edition of the Forum d’Avignon @Paris, first cultural forum 100% data, will be held on September 19th, 2014 at the Economic, social and environmental council, 9 place d’Iéna, 75016 Paris – France. 

Methodology of the survey “Personal data’s cultural stakes”

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