Intellectual property and copyright

2015 is a year of particular importance for literary and artistic property in Europe.

In the struggle engaged towards the planned revision of the Copyright Directive, the potential need for its reform and its modernization, the Forum d'Avignon clearly stands for the defense of Copyright.

Instead of accusing current copyright of being inappropriate for users or digital practices, which also remains unproven, is it not accurate to consider its evolution in the era of digitally native formats and with the development of works at the limits between creation and innovation? While politicians, especially European ones, target the copyright as being responsible for braking the use of digital technologies and the supression of borders, how to meet the challenges of equitable remuneration of creators ?

So as to offer concrete proposals since 2015 the Forum d'Avignon leads with its partner EY a study and some working groups on the following topic :

‘How to think an intellectual property system in the age of digital maturity?’


Works by the Forum d’Avignon on intellectual property and copyright



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