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Infographic: 1st global overview of the cultural economy, presented at the UNESCO

US$2 2,250b revenues, 29.5million jobs in 2013: the first global overview of cultural and creative economy « Culture worldwide » presented December 3rd at the UNESCO and realized by EY for the CISAC and its partners confirms that the cultural and creative industries fuel diversity, economic development and social cohesion.

Culture is to support global development, here is the very lesson of EY’s study. The cultural and creative industries generated worldwide US$ 2,250 revenues in 2013. As a comparison, these revenues are superior to India‘s GDP and to the Telecom services’ revenues. Further more CCI mobilize 29.5million jobs, i.e. 1% of the world active population. « If governments of the whole world become aware of their true economic value, highlight the authors of the study : Marc Lhermitte and Bruno Perrin, EY associates, the risk related to creation multiplies. In order to stimulate their economic potential, ICC need to become more structured and to benefit from a support policy as well as an efficient protection of the creative content. »

10 years anniversary of the Convention to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions. « The later enable us, claims Irina Bokova – Unesco’s General Director – in her foreword, to implement measures to promote the relevance of its key principles in the digital era.  A major challenge is waiting for us: to find a balance between all the interest and aspects of cultural diversity so that they express themselves, enrich one another and are conveyed, no matter the means and technologies used. » 

Bruno Perrin

Associate, Ernst & Young and Associates

Marc Lhermitte

Associate, Ernst & Young Advisory



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