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"Imagining and creating a European culture", by Karin Clercq

Does culture / creative imagination give you a reason to hope?

Creative imagination is today in the center of our lives. More than ever. Every one becomes creative. The access to art has democratized and each of us can make a fascinating creative adventure out of his life. Technical innovations increase and what was impossible yesterday becomes possible today. Limits are always pushed. Culture is in the center and feeds the whole. Only this represents for me a great openness to the world and its future. What I find very dynamic is the fact that artists are the ones who keep exploring, searching, clearing, questioning, and that, in a same movement, the public has more possibilities to react and to appropriate the works, to interact with them. The link, the relationship artist-viewer becomes stronger. And even if it is not always comfortable, because today everyone wants to become an artist and communicate it to the entire world, it creates a real dynamics. It forces the artist to surpass himself, to go further, to be even more creative, to create strong links with the other artistic disciplines, to appropriate them, to integrate them into his own discipline. The interdisciplinary exchange becomes a genuine driving force. Creative imagination has scored and it is only the beginning. We now need to develop a viable model for artists, a model which does not wrong them and allows them to keep on living on their art. 

Who embodies it the best?

The “Fête de la Musique” (Music Day) as exemplary initiative. Music-art, culture and tradition in the same time – has been divided up for centuries. By continent, country, race. It is only from the second half of the 20thCentury that a change occurred, thanks to the jazz music (black music) beyond oceans. Then, at the beginning of the 1960s, popular music (pop music) and rock and roll opened to classical and folk music. The World music of the 1980s crowned it all by universalizing the genres and creating ties between peoples and continents. Music illustrates the best our current universality.

The “Fête de la Musique”, great French initiative of the 1980s, remains an exemplary project whose success is measured every year. And new links between the different artistic disciplines (plastic arts, multimedia) should be developed during those “Fêtes de la Musique”.

What would be the personal initiative / project / work that embodies your reason to hope?

A really European project!

Today, speaking of Europe, means bringing up the fall of Europe, the financial issues, the debts, the social problems; etc.

Only a few cultural events express our solidarity and our culture on a large scale.

In the music sector, the Eurovision song contest remains and survives … An obsolete and commercial initiative which does not reflect our peoples’ identity.

Few other initiatives of major interest.

East and West, however, met again more than 20 years ago.

Our musical identities are numerous : from the biggest classics to our best folklores via literary songs … a little bit lost, probably, in the Anglo-Saxon music, which, through the American dream, conquered the world.

Why could not we create a “Music Day”, from Paris to Rome, via Zagreb, Lisbon, Stockholm, etc … An opportunity to share our musical culture and to discover the other.

A European project stemming from Brussels!

How would you like to pass it on to future generations?

By using all the means we have today at our disposal, social networks, press and TV distribution, live … By creating today a really European event which creates real links between our different cultures, by introducing ourselves at the same time as a bound together and curious, open and avant-gardist.