The Forum d'Avignon proposes to its passionate attendees to experience cultural, creative, recreational innovations, in relation with technology.

With a short format, every presentation aims at creating a reflection and emotions on the links between technology and culture. Every year, artists-creators-inventors-technophiles share their passions : Hector Obalk, art historian who proved, on the theme of the Titian colors, that we could have never seen better a painting while it is digitized; Peter der Manuelian, Egyptologist in Harvard who, with Dassault Systèmes, plunge the attendees to Gizeh 4500 years ahead with 3D technologies;   the director of the Google creative lab who showed how technology can promote new forms of culture; Orange organized a surprising live visit of Versailles from the Palais des Papes in Avignon; 3DS reinvents the future auditorium on the soundtrack of A monster in Paris; … Come and discover or rediscover in videos the high points of these innovations. The 2012 edition will reveal many surprises.

The Lab of the Forum d'Avignon offers to discover new experiences, between culture and technology, dedicating the last innovations to culture. From a visit of...
The French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, along with the Egyptologist Bob Brier have elaborated, in 1999, a theory regarding the construction method of the...