Culture is future » Territorial attractiveness and social cohesion


Go digital and move for real, taking city spaces

It could be possible to integrate our complete human nature into our culture, into living culture of the city. 

 Living in the cities, we have to express our natural powers more, in the sense that physical interacting makes us more complete, alive and vital. We need real embodied interaction with urban environment and experiences which will activate all senses, awake body movements and retrain perception. The self- reflexive actions which can get our social values back in balance.

And our digital communications are invisible supporting net that enables us to get together, to conquer the city space, to share ideas and actions, to enrich real life. This is perfect compatibility through reawakening process which embraces digital technology and gets people in action, for real, in the city spaces.


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A contribution of the university Politecnico di Milano, by Natasa Ilincic

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