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The Forum d'Avignon, partner of the 2nd EY/France Créative Overview of CCI in France

The second Overview of cultural and creative economy in France realized by EY for France Créative and which the Forum d’Avignon is partner, confirms the economic and social impact of a cultural sector which fuels employment and enriches social cohesion. If this dynamic of tangible estimation is a way to sweep away stereotypes often pointing the sector as a cost. Culture remains first a breeding ground of imaginations, liberties and an absolute resistance to barbarism.

The ten sectors analysed by EY (visual arts, music, performing arts, film, television, radio, video game, books, press, advertising and communication) generated in 2013 more than EUR83 billion of revenues, employed 1.3 million of workers and experienced a 1.2% growth superior to the GDP growth rate and employment growth rate in France during the same period.

« Agiles, risky, innovative or experimental, cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are at the same time hyper-specialized and cross-disciplinary, highlight two of the Overview authors, Marc Lhermitte and Bruno Perrin – EY associates. Then CCIs cannot content themselves with a traditional respond in terms of public policies. The support to cultural entrepreneurship, to the training and the follow-up of creators, the integration of CCIs in developing strategy of territories and the connections with the ecosystems of technological innovation are many levers to be reinforced in order to maintain and make grow the cultural and creative France in an international tense context. »

Bruno Perrin

Associate, Ernst & Young and Associates

Marc Lhermitte

Associate, Ernst & Young Advisory



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