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Forum d'Avignon @Paris' data village

The Forum d’Avignon @Paris invites you to discover

its Cultural Data Village, 100% data

on Friday, 19th of September at the CESE

 Open and free for all (compulsory registration)



Concurrently with the debates, discover the Cultural Data Village during the first Forum d’Avignon@ Paris, 100% Data. More than thirty innovations will arouse your artistic and creative curiosity and will ease, sharpen and awaken your current and future everyday life!

Come and live experiences, discover cultural and artistic innovations tied with Big Data and uses of personal cultural data in our Cultural Data Village! Companies and civil society stakeholders, in particular our partners Albertine Meunier,Cap Digital, Clear channel, Dataveyes, EY, InsidePic, Moben Fact, Orange, Strate Ecole de Design and User Studio offer you demonstrations, digital apps and innovative projects using personal data in the all cultural sectors. You will discover the eight areas of the village: art, education and development, music, participative and practical tools, augmented reality, performances and shows, tourism and smart cities, and video games.

Practical information :

From 9am- to 12am | From 2.30pm to 6pm - Compulsory Registration from this link

CESE - Economic, social et environmental Council - 9, Place d’Iéna, 75016 Paris

Underground– Ligne 9 Station Iéna / Ligne 6 Station Trocadéro

Bus – Ligne 32-63-82

Eight innovative areas linked to personal cultural data 


Artistic and creative projects to surprise and entertain you! With The Maieutic Engine by eGonomy, the reconstitution of the Invisible Museum, The Reward, the reading of an enriched story by Flamefy, and Movement print, Orange’s cartography which renews the urban imaginary, all sort of tastes will be satisfied!


Education and development

It is time to awake with Dirti for Ipad, world’s first tapioca interface and Lunii, the modern storyteller. Learning is renewed thanks to The Tree of Thot and reading becomes visual thanks to Realize: many ways to redesign education and development which are to be discovered at the cultural data village.



At the Cultural Data Village, music is tuning to the data rhythms! The platform Bee Music gathers all musical French catalogues while Blitzr reveals new ways of enjoying it! Dance! With the Musical Jacket, you can create your own song while moving!



Participative and practical tools

Transform your personal pictures into interactive media with InsidePic, write quality collaborative articles thanks to Unli DIY, and optimize your note taking with the augmented platform CLIP. While SOURCE is helping you to share your ideas to have your neighbourhood livelier, Unlimited Cities PRO initiates public inquiries of imagination. With Artisanum, crafts and arts are matching well and bring all generations back together. With D4D, massive data crossing is challenged to enhance social development.

Performances and shows

Data is a real artistic material able to produce works! Come and see for yourself, by discovering these three demonstrations and art installations made by the artistic collective DataDada, by Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque. They will appeal to you as much as they will have you cried out! Have you ever wanted to know everything about Big Data? Thanks to Big Data: Big family, you will understand all its secrets!

  • PingouinSteppy – Albertine Meunier, Julien LevesqueDataDada
  • Useless Data Inside – Albertine Meunier, Julien LevesqueDataDada
  • Badaboum@Gogo – Albertine Meunier, Julien LevesqueDataDada
  • Big data: big family! – FlamefyCap Digital

Augmented Reality

These devices are painting for you a digital life picture utterly disconcerting. While Eyevision propose you to see from the the viewpoint of someone else, the GIA (Augmented Identities Generator) enables you to manage your identities!  TotM is figuring out our 2050 digital tattoo and SonaR transcripts the “beauty” of our telephone network into real life. In the end, get a personalised lesson of philosophy with Transcendenz. 

Tourism and smart cities

Bring out the treasures of your city thanks to these interconnected apps. With Clear Channel, communication in the city becomes interactive. Find a Velib’ bicycle easily with L’App’, discover the city Street-Art tracks via Le Cadavre Exquis Urbain, explore your urban heritage thanks to Citytelling and enter at the core of the subway through Check the portrayal of Rennes Metropolis’ inhabitants and, for cinema-lovers, visualize the digital activity from cinemas around the world with Cinégraphe.

  • L’App’ – Franck Rimek - EY
  • Cadavre Exquis Urbain – Ryslaine Moulay, Nathalie Signoret, Romain Friot et Louise Micolon – Strate Ecole de Design in partnership with La Chaire Modélisation des Imaginaires (Telecom ParisTech-Rennes 2).
  • Cinégraphe – Catherine Ramus – Orange
  • Citytelling – Julien Boruillard, DedaleCap Digital
  • – Dataveyes
  • Habitants de Rennes métropole, qui sommes-nous ? – Dataveyes
  • Play, Connect & CastClear Channel

Video Games

Since video games are at the cutting-edge of technology, why can’t we take advantage of it to go for a walk? Have fun everywhere with iParc which is turning your visits into playful and spicy ones, or (re)discover your environment playing with GPSInvaders and its aliens!

The partners of the Forum d’Avignon@Paris’ data village