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First cultural forum 100% DATA

 19th OF SEPTEMBER 2014

At the economic, social and environmental Council (Paris) 




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The Forum d’Avignon, a think-tank dedicated to culture and its dialogue with the economic world, is organizing the first Forum d’Avignon 100% data at the economic, social and environmental Council (CESE) in Paris on the 19th of September 2014, from 9am to 6pm in order to:

- debate cultural stakes about personal data

- discover projects and artistic and creative experiments inside the Cultural Data Village

- and take part in the writing of a preliminary declaration for the rights  of the digital human being : data, ethics and equity

The date is set for all the players – companies, start-ups, artists, creators, institutions, students, academics – to build a debate and write the first articles of the declaration. The debate about human genome had last for more than four years but came out with concrete results.  Now it is our role to play collectively for digital identity.


Forum d’Avignon @Paris’ program


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Why organizing a Forum d’Avignon 100% DATA? 

The balance between the exploitation and the protection of individual liberties is a key issue of the development of the data economy. The traces everyone leaves on the Internet, constitutes the digital DNA or identity, which is now inseparable from any human being. It is an illusion to ignore the power of theBig data Bang”, or worse, to shield ourselves from it, or to limit it to a one-dimensional issue: technique vs. security, economy vs. individual liberty.

Personal data is not just another common commodity:

The Forum d’Avignon desires that “personal data” is considered a cultural and ethical stake:

→    For the citizens, explain to them the impact of their digital print;

→    For the businessmen, develop perennial business models respecting individuals and the legal framework;

→    For the policy-makers, propose a legal and ethical perspective


What is at stake?

It is imperative for the cultural personal data to be defined in international texts, especially to preserve diversity. The Forum d’Avignon’s objective is to bring an added value to understand and act, by: 

  • Launching a ‘citizen and political’ movement, to bring an answer to our fellow citizens’ underlying concern, in the form of a greater (educational) awareness on the societal stakes and choices, and the establishment of a Declaration;
  • Bringing a ‘cultural’ dimension to the big data and personal data issues, through a fair and value-creating, entrepreneurial and citizen, ethical and pro-innovation approach.
  • Finally, building up a consensus in the international organizations’ agendas: at the European level with the discussion on the Regulation on personal data protection (as a replacement for the Data Protection Directive (with a direct application in the 28 member states without any national transposition law, contrary to the directive)); at the UN one for the 10 year-anniversary of the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity, in the form of a ‘Project of declaration on the digital identity’ that the Forum proposed – and handed over to the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in November 2013 – based on the model of the Universal declaration on the Human Genome ratified by the UNESCO on the 11th of November 1997, which allowed to sanctuarize the genetic identity.


Registration for the debates

Due to the seat limited number, the registration for the Forum d’Avignon @ Paris is compulsory. (You will be asked to show a proof of identity at the entrance)

A participation at the costs for the access at the debates and the lunch will be asked :

- Full price: 30€

- Student price: 10€

To register at the Forum d’Avignon @Paris, thanks to address us your demands by mail at: or +33 (0)1 45 61 90 43. 


Cultural data’s village

On the 19th September, all day long, we propose that you live some experiences, to discover some cultural and artistic innovations linked to the Big Data and the use of personal cultural data.

Companies and civil society stakeholders, our partners Orange, Strate Ecole de Design, Cap Digital, Albertine Meunier, Dataveyes, User Studio, Moben Fact… will present you innovative projects using personal data in varied cultural sectors such as music, cinema, video games, museums, cultural tourism, education or smart cities…

Registration to visit the Village

The access at the Cultural data village is free, from 9am to 12am, and from 2.30pm to 6 pm, but the registration is compulsory. A proof of identity will be asked at the entrance of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE)



Reports of the think-tank

SPECIAL REPORT OF THE FORUM D’AVIGNON: 100% CULTURAL DATA. Articles, key figures, glossary… to discover and enrich. Your contributions are well-welcomed! READ

What you can find in this report:

1. Tribunes, manifestos and propositions made by the Forum d’Avignon
2. Studies of the Forum d’Avignon
3. Key figures
4. Statutory frame
5. To prepare the debates of the September 19th 2014
6. Project of an universal Declaration
7. External and selective bibliography
8. Glossary
9. Debates of the Forum d’Avignon
10. Experts and contributors

“How much our personal data is worth? Watch Dogs tells you!" by Laure Kaltenbach and Olivier Le Guay on The Huffington Post, 10 June 2014. READ
“Those personal data that worth gold” INfluencia, April 2004 READ

Is big data going to kill the creation? Mélanie Murciano, from the researches of the Forum d’Avignon, Usbek & Rica, May/June 2014. READ

“Those cultural data that worth gold” by Laure Kaltenbach and Olivier Le Guay, INfluencia, April/June 2014 READ 

“Manifesto: Principles of a universal declaration of the Internet user and the creator’s rights at the time of the digital era” by the Forum d’Avignon, November 23rd 2013. READ 

Our studies on the data:

EY’s Study 2013: “Cultural behaviour and personal data at the heart of the Big Data. Between an essential protection and an exploitation for new economical balances” READ

L’Atelier BNP Paribas’ Study 2013: “Big Data : Big Culture ? The growing power of the data and its perspectives for the economy of culture” READ


Practical information about the place of the debates

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