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#FAbdx - Account of the session: Enterprising culture

Hervé Digne, President of the Forum d’Avignon, Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux

Ouided Bouchamaoui, National Dialogue, Nobel Peace Prize 2015, Amos Gitaï, filmmaker

Yael Naim, artist, composer, pianist and guitarist, Michel Onfray, philosopher, Tareq Oubrou, Imam of Bordeaux

Moderator: Sandrine Treiner, Director of France Culture

Interview reaction of Sandrine Treiner after the debate:

“Reaffirm that culture is everyone’s responsibility”: such is the wish desired by Hervé Digne, President of the Forum d’Avignon during the inauguration of the 8th International meetings organized by the Forum d’Avignon in Bordeaux.

Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux, president of Bordeaux Métropole and former Prime Minister, declared his intention to: “place culture at the heart of my political agenda, at the heart of the European project”. He insisted that France’s cultural policy must find a new vitality and direction. “Enterprising culture” means imagining new modes of action, thus liberating the entrepreneurial spirit and using digital technologies to encourage the development of new creative practices. From this mission stands the dual challenge of transmission and sharing – every student, at least until 12th grade, should benefit from a coherent artistic and cultural curriculum. The creative process is also a major challenge; this entails, at each step of the way, to defend, support, and liberate innovating technologies and the intense creativity that distinguish our era. Finally, Alain Juppé highlights the challenge of transmitting internationally French cultural productions, which envelop the fundamental questions regarding francophonie and Europe. 

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Interview reaction of Alain Juppé:

“Culture is the antidote to obscurantism” states Ouided Bouchamaoui, Chairwoman of the Tunisan employers and Nobel Peace Prize winner 2015. She insists upon the necessity of democratizing culture, independently from political power. Tareq Oubrou, Imam of Bordeaux, is involved in an “inner faith conversation”; he invites each to “participate in alterity” so as to enlarge this dialogue. Philosopher and author, Michel Onfray underlines the importance of cultural resistance in the periphery of official networks, whereas filmmaker Amos Gitaï calls for cultural criticism and subversion. Finally, musicians David Donatien and Yael Naim defends the importance of a polyphonic culture, and a wealth of “friction”. 

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