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#FA2013 according to EJCAM

EJCAM, l'Ecole de Journalisme et de Communication d'Aix-Marseille is engaged in the Forum d'Avignon 2012. Discover their videos !

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Power of culture : It only takes a few pictures to remind us of how art can transform a territory, just by seizing it. Street dancing, underground dancing in industrial spaces, on border lines, on brownfields. And each time, bodies provide the city and passers-by a reason of feeling home, because performance here can change the way we look at space, change the way we invest it.
Directed and carried out by students from Aix-Marseille’s Journalism and Communication School (EJCAM), associated with the Forum of Avignon.


Macha Makeieff

For 2013 Forum of Avignon, students from Aix-Marseille’s Journalism and Communication School (EJCAM) met the director and Théâtre de la Criée manager Macha Makeïeff. This powerful encounter was a great opportunity to deepen the theme of power of culture, from theatrical creation and its relationship to the audience. It also gave birth to a reflection on the culture after Marseille-Provence 2013, and on the way culture will continue on galvanising the territory.