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#FA2012: Session "The reasons to hope for culture"

Find below a complete summary of the session moderated by Pierre Lescure about the « reasons to hope for culture ».  


Louvre Alliance study – “Culture: reasons to hope – Creation and creators” by Bertrand Moineau, Partner Louvre Alliance, France.  

They are seven. Seven reasons to hope, which sum up dozens of interviews, meetings and readings of intellectual and artistic personalities, famous or unknown.  Seven reasons: it is both ambitious and presumptuous, the material being more and more resistant as going along with the reflections. Provocative also, while the world doubts and coughs. Restrictive and frustrating eventually, as it only concerns creative imagination, moreover in the cultural domain, while there are so many reasons to hope, in science, in technology, in biology… These reasons to hope are daring? But so stimulating… and somehow exhilarating.

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Summary of the session "Reasons to hope for culture"

The session « The reasons to hope for culture » started at 9.00am by Pierre Lescure’s vibrant reason to hope of Pierre Lescure, moderator of the session but also President of the mission Culture –acte 2, with the Minister Aurélie Filippetti for a reflection on digital economics. « It is not possible to go back because digital revolution has come. We need a reflection which accompanies the individual’s behavior and takes into account the rights of all the actors contributing to the cultural ecosystem. »

Starting with the constat of the philosopher Michel Maffesoli « there is in our time a generosity which puts into perspective the economic selfishness », Pierre Lescure let Bertrand Moineau, Partner, Louvre Allianceand author of the study – 7 reasons to hope – Creation and creators. He evoked the seven reasons to hope, which summarize dozens of interviews, meetings and readings from intellectual or artistic personalities, famous or unknown and decided to create an eighth ; ‘If we look at the right place, we can always hope and we must look in three directions : the human being, the shapes and the world – to find the fireflies which highlight our hopes.’

#FA2012 Jour 2 : Session "Les raisons d'espérer... par forumavignon

Three artists and an entrepreneur shared their reason to hope.

Zahia Ziouani, orchestra conductor and founder of the symphonic orchestra Divertimento asserted, based on her career and her projects, that culture enables everyone to believe and to reveal its potential. She develops this training spirit , towards the young people in her orchestra, in her music school in Stains and the Demos project she conducts with the Cité de la Musique. Elie Barnavi, Scientific advisor, Museum of Europe testified on how culture could constitute a rempart against the fanatisms : ‘The man only is able to choose his place, not assigned in advance by nature thanks to his freedom to create’. He advocates a rehabilitation of what he calls ‘the cultured culture’ because not everything is the same and it is about politics. Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Télécom-Orange reminded us that culture was a reason to live as a man. But it is also at the heart of the digital fracture. The necessity of viable economic models requires to favor transparent financing models instead of a free model. The success of the agregators comes from the free but relies on the management of the consumers’ big data which is not controlled. The importance of the right to firget is for him an essentiel perspective for every internet user. Before his concert with the pianist Anne Pagès-Boisset with pieces by Ravel, Massenet and Kreisler, Renaud Capuçon, violinist, insisted on the key role of the transmission for the musician, the interpretation of the socre as a solist, chamber musician of orchestra conductor, good at explaining to the young people and particularly the youngest, with a festival in Aix en Provence which will be held in March 2013, where the quality of the interprets, the program and the rates enables to have a large audience.

#FA2012 Jour 2 : Session "Les raisons d'espérer... par forumavignon

The second debate of the morning was about the ‘strength of cultural diversity’.

As soon as we talk about cultural diversity, the word « politics » is related to it. The testimonies and the interventions were numerous to underline the fact that cultural diversity is a strength but that we should not confuse diversity and entertainment, and keep in mind the fact that it is always related to essentiel political decisions like the signature of the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity and the UN agenda. Both actor and think tank, Europe is one of the first melting pots in the world with 23 languages in the 27 countries of the Union, almost 400 regions, Oblasti, Länder, comitats, districts and autonomous communities, more than 30 000 museums …

The video created by the Agence France Presse to commemorate the Treaty between France and Germany in January 1963 reminds us that there has been two men brave enough to brush memories aside and move forward. For the European politicians, the Forum d’Avignon would like France and Germany, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signature of the treaty, to rely on the symbolic event in order to give culture a central place in the ‘contruction of the united Europe, which is the goal of the two peoples », as the fouding fathers Schuman and Adenauer wrote.

As Krzysztof Candrowicz, Director of the Lodz Art Center, member of the European Young Leaders, 40 under 40, he came to talk about future, be the voice of his generations to change the Europe 2.0. For him, we must think the future of Europe in terms of solutions and not in terms of problems. More technologies, we must talk about values, creations which will give hope to the European citizens. Frenchspeaking Canadien entrepreneur, Pierre Karl Péladeau, CEO of Quebecor illustrated the fight of Quebec to preserve their French language and culture. « For a French Canadian, culture and cultural diversity are the same thing ». Reminding us that culture depends on economics, he underlined the fact that we need to make it flourish and assure its permanence. He calls for the responsibility of the business world, saying that the companies should give up the logic of shareholders to adopt a socio-economico-cultural approach to enrich the cultural diversity.

The integration of cultural diversity is also at stake at the UN level, as Jean-Christophe Bas underlined it, Advosir, Strategic development and partnerships, Alliance of civilizations. He reminded us that we needed to stay focus on the negotiation ‘Millenary 2015’ in order for cultural diversity to become an essential part of the sustainable development policy. « For 20 years, biodiversity has been related to the economic sphere », as David Throsby said, economist and spokeman of the UNESCO cultural diversity. The politicians Joakim Stymne, State Secretary of Sweden and by video, Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Foreign Affairs, confirm in a very concrete way that we must take decisions which enable creation to exist. The Unesco convention is a wonderful step and a juridical weapon, but cultural diversity must remain a fight and a demand for the coming generations.