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#FA2012 : The point of view of Camille Delache (La Baguette Culturelle)

Camille Delache, editor of La Baguette Culturelle, attended the Forum d’Avignon 2012.



Camille Delache, what did you get from the interventions’ content during the Forum d’Avignon 2012?

First of all, I think it is great to gather all these different people. I wondered why there was so few ‘intermediary’ people like entrepreneurs. There were some of them but I know several people who could have been there and speak.

Then I appreciated Itay Talgam’s intervention during the Lab, who was innovative in terms of management and human relations. Concerning the young people, the session at the University was different, in a good way: the session was dynamic! The methodology of the BNP Paribas study was good but I do not think that the students recognized themselves in the conclusions.

Talking about the studies, I really like the presentation of Bertrand Moineau from Louvre Alliance: it is rare that a consulting form presents a strategic study with poetry, and I think the other firms should do the same. It is very positive for the Forum to succeed in mixing poetry and rational activities like consulting and research.

However, I think that the cultural sector does not look enough at the other sectors. For example, I work with NGOs which have great methods to communicate, raise funds and create new models.

The artistic performances were very touching, heterogeneous but each of them was legitimate. I simply regret that we did not see Mourad Merzouki dance.

If you had not remember only one intervention in particular?

The intervention of Renaud Capuçon was particularly interesting. He talked about international experiences like El Sistem in Venezuela. It was impressive that such a great musician could quote as many international initiatives.

I agree with Jérôme Clément, the president of the theater Châtelet, who reminded that Europe was not present enough at the Forum, what creates a gap. I would have liked Europe to take a more active part in the debates, regarding the issues with the French cultural policies.

The Lab presentations were also interesting. In particular, the partnership Orange-BNF for Candide 2.0. But as Jérôme Clément said, I am not sure that we want to read this way, and consult all the additional contents. The idea of sharing was interesting and I like the  idea of this classic piece of literature becoming a virtual link between the readers.

The interventions of Nabil Ayouch and Sana Ghenima were more than relevant, regarding what happened and is still happening in their respective countries. Because of our history and our links with these countries, we have a lot to learn from them. They are countries where culture is not a state business, and it changes the way they consider it. In France, we can complain, but our Minister came to deliver a speech during one hour!

It is always complicated to be absolutely exhaustive and to evoke all the aspects in only one conference. Which question do you think should have been discussed?

In September, the Forum d’Avignon published ‘Creativity in the financing of culture’ and it was not really discussed. This is a shame because some ideas were really interesting, in particular the rise of the immaterial assets. I think many creators and entrepreneurs would have been interested in this questions. We must complete the systems of contribution funds and patronage.

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