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#FA2012: The Lab of the Forum d’Avignon

The Lab of the Forum d’Avignon is the encounter of culture and technology has presented exclusive cultural innovations.

#FA2012: Le Lab du Forum d’Avignon par forumavignon


Candide or the (re)birth of the book, by Armelle Pasco, Partnerships Director and David Lacombled, Director strategy of contents, Orange (France).

 Orange and the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) fulfilled a dream: poetry and knowledge gathered together in a digital book. Original manuscript, commentaries from the author, annotations, discovery and constitution of worlds to share, the 2012 Candide isn’t only a technological prowess, it is an invitation for Voltaire’s magic.

Imagination at work, by Jean-François Chianetta, President, Augment (Belgium).

How to imagine the most efficient exhibition itinerary, or the most enhancive hanging in a living room, for the artwork and for the spectator ? Thanks to the Augment application, your exhibition space, collective or personal, is immediately laid out in 3D. With a simple tablet, you can place the artworks on the walls of your room (living room, kitchen, museum room, monument…). The touch screen enables to envisage endlessly the best lay out and to test all the interactions of scenography

The blue bird becomes a composer, by Peter Gregson, cellist and composer (UK).

 Can Twitter’s blue bird create music from 140 characters? No, but Peter Gregson can. Peter Gregson, cellist and composer, in collaboration with Daniel Jones, devised a way of turning the conversations of Twitter users attending the Forum d’Avignon into generative music that reflects the collective mood of participants. "The Listening Machine" analyses Tweets for mood and topic and then translates the rhythm and intonation of each Tweet into flowing sequences of musical notes creating amazing music from conversational data.

Are orchestra conductors controllable ? by  Itay Talgam, orchestra conductor (Israel).

 Complex organizations, such as an orchestra, need to be controlled in order to serve specific purposes. How can the conductor obtain the best results from his musicians, give them the means to surpass themselves? In which situation does control become abusive? Is it possible to conduct without abuse of power? 

ScreenerOne, by Christian Horz, Bertelsmann(Germany).

Christian Horz presents a cloud based collaboration platform for the exchange of all kind of digital media content. Ease-of-use and secure access are the main drivers of the service. Actually it is used during the creation process of TV- and Video productions amongst others.

« Lune Operation – The hidden wreck of the Sun King » , by Mehdi Tayoubi, VP Digital and Experiential Strategy, 3DS et Michel L’Hour, Archeologist and deep-sea driver (France).

 Plunge into an extraordinary archeological investigation on the « Lune » wreck, a flagship of Louis XIV, discovered near Toulon in 1993, and never explored before. In collaboration with Michel L’Hour, director of the DRASSM, Dassault Systèmes revolutionizes underwater archaeology thanks to 3D virtual worlds: a world premiere!