Mastering tempo in creative and media industries, by Ernst  Young

Mastering tempo in creative and media industries, creating long-term value amid accelerating demandT

Forum d'Avignon 2012 – Today, half of the data available on the web didn’t exist two years ago.

And the trend keeps on accelerating. Soon, half of the available data will be 18 month-old. This figure confirms our perception of time’s acceleration as much as it questions the rhythm(s) of production and distribution of cultural goods and services. How to measure its impact on the ecosystem of the cultural and creative industries and draw perspectives on what they « pass on »? 

Considering 12 countries at different stages of technological development and offering an analysis of the diverse components of the media sector, the Ernst & Young study recalls that the exponential increase of the digital supply, the more and more important access to contents and the multitask Homo conexus tendency to pass from one content or one platform to another largely participate to the acceleration of the medias’ tempo.

To reconcile the industrial time with the Homo conexus appetite, it is now necessary to pilot the technological innovation process. The study shows how media and culture entrepreneurs and politicians try to keep pace with the rhythm and even to overtake it.

Successful companies are the one who knew first how to encourage innovation and now know how to control it: don’t we say « Done is better than perfect » at Facebook?


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