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Eric Serra and RXRA Group do a live show at the Forum d'Avignon – Exclusive interview

Eric Serra and RXRA Group will give a free unique concert at the Opera–Theater of Avignon on the occasion of the Forum d’Avignon. The Big Blue, Nikita, the Professional, the Fifth Elements and many others  cult soundtracks!

Why a concert at the Forum d’Avignon?

This is an incredible place, bringing together people from very different backgrounds, all passionate about what they do, and with a common motivation: culture.

I just want to do a concert to share my passion with them. And opening it to all the people of Avignon is a real pleasure for me.

Composing music for movies fascinates me, but the scene ... is a pure emotion in real time, a trance: that is what I feel when I play.

How was born your group?

Actually I set up this group by chance, for a special occasion: the wedding of Luc Besson in 2004. I was his best man and did not know what to offer. I remembered that when we were 18, the only person, aside from the musicians, who liked the same music (Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancock ...) was Luc Besson. So I decided to start a concert with the "tubes" of these groups. It was a total surprise. DJ Cut Killer was invited to host the evening. He played a Weather Report intro and then we went on to a live! I had gathered the best musicians of the country!

Thereafter, the owner of the Sunset asked us to come playing in his club but I wanted this to happen around a concept. So we decided to set up a special repertoire for this concert, only compositions of Weather Report and Jaco Pastorius. During the rehearsals, the fingerboard Thierry Eliez suggested "and why not set your songs?". Since we have kept the group.

How did you choose what you are gonna play?

We listened to all my albums and decided what was interesting to adapt on the stage, especially the music the most iconic: the Big Blue, Nikita, Leon, the fifth element, ...

We are actually doing very few concerts at this time: about five per year, far too little for my taste. I am about to make an album to generate more concerts, because although I love composing music for movies, it does not satisfy me fully. This is not opposed by the way, is like reading a book and play tennis, I like both, but one can not replace the other!

This summer I had a wonderful experience at the festival "Un Violon sur le Sable" in Royan. I was invited to conduct the Symphony Orchestra of the Paris Opera, performing one of my compositions of Arthur and the Invisibles, in front of 60,000 people! For me, who had conducted only in studio, to be a conductor on stage was a revelation and an unforgettable experience!

Little-by-little, I will create music for the group, I want to break this image of "Eric Serra playing his movie’s music". John Williams, Ennio Morricone and Michel Legrand are not musicians for the stage. As for me, I love the stage and that is where I come from, I just want to restore the balance - and do more concerts. I am rather shy almost paranoid, but when I am on stage I know that something magical is happening between the musicians of the group, and also the magic between the public and us.