Forum d'Avignon 2010

Forum d'Avignon 2010titre

November 4th - 6th 2010, Avignon, France

The 2010 thematic:
“More accessibility, new usage in a digital era : culture for everyone ?”




Thanks to digital networks, we can create the Library of all knowledge. Firms, thinkers and decision makers can contribute to this amazing project to place an increasing number of pictures, sounds and writings online. André Malraux dreamt about "culture for everyone". Spreading ideas and making information instantly available means that this dream is becoming real, and also brings about incredible improvements for democracy.

But this impulse threatens the future as much as it drives it forward. From an economic point of view, the Internet reconsiders the financing of creation and information. On the political scale, it creates monopolies, which are the exact opposite of the pluralism and the diversity we are striving for. Finally, on the cultural scale, the Internet engenders the development of a new form of illiteracy. Indeed, it demands from individuals knowledge and new capacities so they can navigate among all the flow of information and deal with the new services.

Our main theme and the stakes related to the new of digital technologies has been at the core of the debates of this 2010 edition. We discussed the evolution of contents as well as the online consumption of cultural goods and services. Continuing to search new territories, the Forum d'Avignon unveiled exclusive studies carried out by international consulting firms. Studies focused on the new means of payment, as well as the new devices and the new behaviors. The Forum d'Avignon also presented the second edition of the barometer on the cultural appeal of the territories.

Unique workshops for an incredible event. The working sessions of the Forum d'Avignon takes place in and out of the Palais des Papes, in places such as the University of Avignon and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vaucluse.