Economic models hybridization

Digital technologies have significantly impacted traditional financing models of creative and cultural sectors.

Under the combined effect of the abundance of cultural works, the questioning of the value chain and the growing use of readers-audience members-flâneurs-amateurs-musicians-players-visitors’ data, it must be concluded that the financing models of these sectors are more and more ‘hybridized’, mixing income sources and conditions (fee for service, renting, subscription, advertising model, crowdfunding…).

How to combine the public’s perception of the value of cultural works and the necessary financing for cultural creation and diversity? How creative and cultural sectors manage to hybridize their financing models? What evolutions to consider regarding financing models, especially the ones that could largely “spread” within the chain?

So as to offer concrete proposals, in 2015 the Forum d'Avignon leads with its partner Kurt Salmon a study and some working groups on the following topic :

‘Which economic models at the age of collaborative economy ?’


Works by the Forum d’Avignon on economic models hybridization


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