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Digital art requests a lasting legal framework for creators and collecters.

Web review - 28/08/2015

Digital art has this requirement of needing to gather several competencies around a project, reminds Malo Girod de l’Ain [Founder and CEO of Digitalarti, digital art and innovation specialist ] during the debate animated by the Forum d’Avignon at Futur en Seine on June 12, 2015. Moreover the projects are sometimes temporary and have their own economic model. Nevertheless, digital art has the capacity to touch a very large public. Which is also the goal of the digital artpiece « One heart, One tree » by digital artist Naziha Mestaoui’s project : a monumental artwork that creates a forest of light over Paris’ monuments during the UN 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) »

Despite the interest of the public and several institutions, digital artists face a uncertain, even non-existant legal framework for claiming their rights continues poursuit Malo Girod de l’Ain: « More so because they work at on an  international scale. For example, social networks benefit from numerous amateur copies of artworks, or related rights from copyright are sparsely developed, in any case for digital artwork. »

Creativity has no boundaries neither by nature and artwork formats nor in ways of financing and production. It’s the case for the following examples, it is time to define proper legal practices to reconcile art and technology and encourage the emergence of a new generation of digital artists.


Biomimetics : artists who move light.

The dream factory? Those who turn it around are artists, engineers, inventors, designers, architects, ceramicist, IT engineers, DIYers…Their creations are on the borderline of the art world and of technology. It’s the case for the Dutch design studio DRIFT, that has imagined robotized and computer-controlled lamps, that deploy themselves like a blossoming flower.

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Crowd-sourced storytelling

If anyone could speak to the power of crowd-sourced, collaborative storytelling, it would be Aaron Koblin. A digital media artist and entrepreneur, Koblin has utilized his passion for data, computer science, technology and storytelling to create numerous mind-blowing, interactive online projects.


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Museums need creative digital experts.

A recent report from the Association of Art Museum Directors detailed 41 museum projects using digital technology - from social media and mobile apps to in-gallery interpretation and behind-the-scenes collections management - in creative and adventurous ways to make collections more accessible and engaging. For example, some museums have now « beacons ».

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How the proliferation of technology and opportunities empowers savvy artists

The digital revolution, a proliferation of listening platforms for fans, an explosion in live music and a diversified commercial approach have completely altered the game for musicians. Many artists claim that success is difficult under this new model, but others are thriving. Two artists who have personified success in the digital era are Ed Sheeran and Florence and the Machine, though they have taken significantly different routes to their current positions of power.

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Digitization – at the heart of issues faced by performing arts.

Digitization of the performing arts is a uncontestedly a structural trend that could tremendously benefit professionals according to the review Coulisse. Amongst other opportunities for the sector: ticketing, connected objects, organization and community building. 

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