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Did you know? – Connected devices in a few figures, explosion of the traffic.

tablettesA recent IDATE  report (published on June 2011) "Mobile Video" presents the global market for mobile video, with its various economic models, its channels - via the premium model, but also free apps, mobile websites, pay-per-view - and depending on technologies and devices. The study predicts an explosion of the market and a significant increase of the time spent on mobiles: the institute estimates that the video market on smartphones and tablets should reach nearly 12.6 billion Euros in 2015 while it was up to 4.3 billion Euros in 2010. Samuel Ropert, Project Manager added that " the OTT (over-the-top) represents the major part of the time of watching videos on mobile  (60% in 2010) and will grow up to 70% in 2015." IDATE makes here the difference between the “managed service” that is to say a service directly managed by the telco and the OTT which is a direct access to a service. We can point out here a fall of exclusive offers proposed by operators in favor of a wide opened web. In addition, there is also a strong implantation of connected TV with 40 million units on a total market of 1.5 billion devices in late 2010, strengthening the OTT services. But according to a Forrester analysis, more than a third of American homes equipped with this new device does not connect their TV with the Internet, use and consumption practices inherited from the analog world are still tenacious

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