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DEBATES 2011 - The cultural experience reinvented, by Patrick Béhar

Patrick Béhar, Partner, Bain & Cie

What are connected screens and services ? What is your définition of Over the Top ?

Smart TVs, next generation consoles and set top boxes as well as tablets connect consumers to new content experiences. “Over the top” services rely on these terminals to provide access to a breadth of online content and services, independently from cable companies’ and ISP’s own offerings.

How will these services and screens drive change in the cultural domain ?

Connected services can enrich cultural experiences along four dimensions: choice, with a virtually unlimited inventory of contents and the search engines to explore it; sociability, with shared experiences in the living room, the classroom, or on the go; interactivity, through touch, motion and voice interfaces; mobility, extending the connected experience in the physical world.

Within the framework of think tank of the Forum d'Avignon 2011, you prepared a study to be unveiled on the 17th of November. What are the top trends? Can you give us a preview of some key figures of the survey conducted in France, UK, USA, urban India and urban China?

We surveyed more than 3000 consumers across the world. First conclusion: penetration of connected devices could reach 60% of households across western markets by 2014, and up to 30% in urban India and China. Consumers show strong interest in connected entertainment and cultural experiences, with interest levels above 60%. However, effective impact on time spent and addressable markets varies significantly among media and experiences. Read all about it on November 17th!

Do these new connected screens and devices represent an opportunity for cultural industries ?

Increased breadth and depth of offering and the raise of search engines and social networks as content platforms could broaden audiences for « midtail » content. However, challenges remain in terms of monetization and business models. The opportunity for more diversity and “more culture” will depend on competitive dynamics, as well as the preservation of the delicate financing equilibrium on which content creation relies.